Raleigh Utilities Operations Centers

Raleigh, NC


DTW Architects designed three operations centers for the Raleigh Public Works Department. Each of these remote centers are renovations of existing car dealerships or manufacturing plants: North Raleigh, 17,000 SF, South Raleigh, 36,000 SF, and East Raleigh, 12,400 SF. Each project includes offices, training room, break room, and lockers. All facilities contain truck service bays and storage; the North Raleigh project also includes a truck wash. Sites ranged from 5 to 9 acres, and site work includes parking, service yards, stormwater management and landscaping.

Raleigh Public Utilities Operations Annex

DTW Architects also designed this 30,000 SF operations center to house multiple sections of the Public Works Department. The 2-story L-shaped office building serves as the public image of the department, and screens the service bays and truck parking from the surrounding residential community. This building includes a sunny double-height atrium that is the entry and focal point of the structure; wings on either side of the atrium house offices, training rooms, a break room, and lockers. Existing structures on the 4-acre site were fully renovated, and contain truck service bays, a truck wash and storage. Site work includes parking, the service yard, stormwater management and landscaping