Temple Building

Location: Durham, NC
Date: 2004

DTW Architects designed a complete renovation of this 23,000 SF historic building in a prominent downtown location in accordance with federal historic preservation guidelines; DTW also managed the Historic Preservation Certification process. The three-story renovation is occupied by the Center for Responsible Lending, a non-profit organization dedicated to financial reform in the lending industry. The large first floor lobby, with an historic stamped metal ceiling, serves as meeting space for both the client and the community. A new atrium was created by inserting a large skylight over a new monumental stair. This space pulls light into the interior of the building and benefits all of the adjacent offices. The new stair also facilitates office communication among staff on different levels of the building. The renovation includes an additional stairway that was inserted into the building, as well as upgraded mechanical, plumbing & electrical systems. DTW received the Golden Leaf Award of Merit for Community Appearance for this project.