Facility Assessment

Image Facility Assessment

DTW Architects develops Master Plans and Facility Assessments for a wide variety of clients and project types. They may be stand-alone reports that a client will use for planning future projects, or they may be the first step in a new construction or renovation project. Either way, a Master Plan or Facility Assessment pulls together a variety of issues and lays out a plan to address the client’s needs.

DTW has prepared numerous Master Plans and Facility Assessments over its thirty-year existence. Master Plans generally take a few months to a year or more, depending on the project’s size and complexity. They all are based on the client’s requirements, needs and desires, as reported in individual interviews or group discussions, depending on the number of users the client wishes to involve. Facility Assessments may be relatively quick reviews of a single building system, or in-depth assessments of all systems in the entire building, even including items such as parking and way-finding. Assessments also usually include recommendations for addressing deficiencies.