DTW Offices

Image DTW Offices

Durham, NC


DTW Architects designed renovations for two of its previous locations, both in historic buildings. DTW’s location just prior to its existing one (2002-2012) was in a building originally constructed in 1925. This building first housed the county prison, with later uses as a tuberculosis sanitorium and a television station’s studios. The workplace included a large high-ceilinged open office on the first floor, with a new stair designed by DTW leading to the mezzanine and the second-floor front office area. The mezzanine, containing two offices, was inserted into the space and provided a mid-point landing for the stairway. Brightly painted accent walls and interior window shutters enlivened the space.

An earlier office occupied by DTW was located in a Coca-Cola bottling plant built in 1930. DTW Architects designed the overall building renovation, and was located on the second floor of the building from 1987 to 2002.
DTW’s current home on N. Gregson Street in downtown Durham.