Carrington Middle School

Image Carrington Middle School

Durham, NC



DTW Architects designed the 30,000 SF expansion and complete renovation (120,000 SF) of Carrington Middle to address several existing issues: re-unify academic teams at each grade level, improve circulation and functionality, and enhance the entry sequences. These issues were addressed through a combination of multiple additions and significant renovations. For example, in improving the under-sized cafeteria, an extension was added on, a 30’x30′ skylight was inserted into the existing roof, and circulation patterns were modified to accommodate new serving options. The existing cafeteria space was completely refurbished with new flooring and ceramic wall tiles. These types of improvements were made throughout the project. Other improvements included administration, classroom and computer lab expansions; complete replacement of existing windows; new entry canopies, improved vehicular circulation, stormwater improvements and landscaping.

Additions and renovations occurred in five construction phases over a two-and-a-half year period, all while the 1300-student school remained in operation.

Golden Leaf Award for Community Properties, 2006