Prototype Elementary Schools

Image Prototype Elementary Schools

Durham, NC


Over the course of two successive school bond issues, DTW Architects developed prototype elementary schools that addressed the changing programming needs of a rapidly expanding school district. The prototypes were designed to allow future expansion and flexible site placement. Each featured different brick colors and entries which individualized each school’s appearance.

In total, eight new elementary schools were built, each serving 600 students and sized between 75,000 and 85,000 SF. Facility components included classrooms, specialized classrooms, administration, media center, cafeteria, gymnasium, and support spaces. Each campus has separate parent and bus drop-off loops, and parking for staff and visitors. Site improvements included playgrounds, play fields, courtyards, stormwater management and landscaping.

1993 – Forest View
1993 – Little River
1993 – Oak Grove
1993 – Glenn
1993 – Hillandale
1989 – Bethesda
1989 – Southwest
1989 – Easley