Duke School

Durham, NC



DTW Architects designed the expansion and consolidation of Duke School, an innovative private school in Durham. Supporting the project-based educational philosophy of Duke School, the multiple academic buildings are similar in design, with light-filled central atriums for group projects or lunch and discussion, and academic areas that are flexible and open. Numerous sustainable design features are integrated into the buildings, many of which are incorporated into the school’s curriculum. The project also includes a new parent drop-off loop, additional parking, athletic play fields and playgrounds.

The lower school grades, which had been located at another site, were moved to the existing upper grades campus. Both upper and lower grades’ square footage was increased: six new academic buildings totaling 50,000 SF and the renovation of three existing academic buildings more than doubled the original size of campus. In addition to classrooms, the new middle school buildings also include a media center and a gymnasium. New lower school structures include early childhood and kindergarten buildings.

Wood Council, US Wood Design Award for Education, 2013. NC CEFPI Honor Award, 2010